Awards Categories | 2022 Grow Up Awards Gala

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Voting Categories

Below are the available categories and their criteria/description.

1. Master Category (8 total awards)
The nominees can be either a person (where indicated) or a company. Nominations in the category are created by cannabis industry professionals and reviewed by our awards jury. The winner is chosen online by cannabis industry voters.
Master Grower of the Year

A leader in their operation, this award annually recognizes the professional grower whose dedication to their craft consistently produces top quality crops for the marketplace and a positive workplace for the sector. The nominees will be growers that set the bar for others to match.

Craft Producer of the Year

Craft Producer of the Year

Celebrity Grower of the Year

Growing the perfect strain is monumental to a celebrity brand, you need to maintain that quality on everything with their name on it. This award will go to the person or company that maintains the excellence in their plant to match the celebrity brand.

Extraction Specialist of the Year

High-quality extracts and concentrates have entered the market with as a result of extraction “artists” that are re-imagining what this amazing plant can deliver. This award goes to the person or company that is excelling at their post-harvest processing art.

Cannabis Education Award

The education of our cultivators has never been more important. As public demand for various strains evolves, our cultivators are responsible for staying ahead of the curve with high quality products for our medicinal and recreational users. This award will go to the institution that has led the way in the education of a new crop of growers.

Outstanding Cannabis Cultivation Research

Research into new avenues of growth to supply the ever-growing consumer demand continues to expand rapidly. This award recognizes the research or paper that enhances cannabis cultivation.

Online Cannabis Cultivation News Source

The cannabis sector is so dynamic and keeping on top of the ever-changing world of cannabis cultivation is not easy. This award is to the individual or organization that provides on-line information that keeps the sector in the know.

2. Equipment/Products (14 total awards)
These awards cover the wide variety of products that contribute to the efficiency and quality for Cannabis growers and producers. Nominations in the category are created by cannabis industry professionals and reviewed by our awards jury. The winner is chosen online by cannabis industry voters.
Product of the Year

The cannabis sector relies on the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of inventors. Products that help increase yield, quality, efficiency, and sustainability, are shaping this evolving world of cannabis. This award will go to the most impactful industry product recognized by the sector.

Environmental Impact Award

As we grow “green” the industry also tries to stay green in its environmental impact. This award will go to the company creating products or employing technologies that recognize a the importance of being more regenerative and or sustainable.

Packaging Equipment

Cost, compliance, and design are the cornerstone of packaging equipment. This award will go to the manufacturer that meets and exceeds the needs for both the consumer and the supplier.

Lighting System

Lighting your facility can be one of your most important decisions. Lights vary in their efficiencies, their spectrum, and companies vary in their technical expertise and customer service. This award recognizes the best lighting product used and voted on by the cannabis industry.

Drying And Curing

Cannabis curing and drying is a critical process for cannabis. Proper drying and curing equipment can increase THC and enhance the aroma. This awards recognizes the best drying and curing equipment.

Best Growing Media

From hydroponics to living soils to air, choosing the right growing medium is key to the success of your cannabis crop. The nominated products have proven themselves for consistency in root growth and yield.

HVACD System and Controls

Climate control is central to crop maximization. An efficient and cost-effective HVACD system is central to our growers and the controls/sensors to monitor your crop is invaluable. This award will recognize the HVACD system or Controls/Sensors that stands out in the marketplace.

Extraction Equipment

From non-porous and sanitizable walls and ceilings to water filtration to fertigation systems warehouse and greenhouse facilities are functioning well because of innovative providers of building materials and equipment. This award is presented to the company that has been recognized as providing equipment or materials that help facilities run.

Testing/Laboratory Equipment

These labs and testing facilities provide cannabis growers and producers state-of-the-art cannabis analysis and consistent reporting. We recognize their excellence with the top spot going to the company voted best in class.

Best Trimming Equipment

The consumer demands consistent product quality and a great trimmer delivers that consistency every time. The voters will choose the best of the best trimmers in this category

Best Sanitation Product or Company

The cannabis industry has the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection in the agricultural industry. This award is given in recognition to the pest product or company that provides the high quality standards of sanitation in the cannabis space.

Post Extraction Equipment

Rosin, bubble hash, RSO, BHO, resin, terp sauce, shatter, budder, waxes, and on and on this plant keep giving and giving. This award is in recognition for equipment and devices that help make these wonders.

3. Company/Supplier (13 total awards)
Nominations in the category are created by cannabis industry professionals and reviewed by our awards jury. The winner is chosen online by cannabis industry voters.
Best Packaging, Labeling & Supplies

Doing business in the North America Cannabis industry means compliant packaging, and a lot of it. This award goes to the company that provides unparalleled packaging solutions to cannabis product producers.

Best Nutrients and Biostimulants Product

Creating the perfect nutrient balance based on the strain and growing conditions is an art and science. This award will recognize one of the top companies in the business as chosen by our voters.

Cannabis Consultant of the Year

Whether it’s refining your nutrient regime, diagnosing a disease, designing a facility, or getting you a licence, a great cannabis consultant can make you more profitable. This award recognizes outstanding consultancy in the cannabis sector.

Best Extraction Services Provider

Toll processors convert your biomass into refined oil. This will save you the expense of owning a dedicated facility and expensive extraction equipment, allowing you to focus on what you do best - growing.

Best Lab/Testing Facility

These labs and testing facilities provide cannabis growers and producers state-of-the-art cannabis analysis and consistent reporting. With compliance and reliable test results, our companies can safely move forward in the consumer space. The award will go to the facility most recognized by our industry voters.

Integrated Pest Management Company of the Year

The industry relies on the health of its crop and pest control can make the difference between success and failure. The winning company will supply the top product that provides an effective and green pest solution

Best Engineering Service and Facility Design

Using their in-depth skill sets, engineers solve problems. Their expertise includes engineering, automation, virtual design, facility management and construction. The award will honour an engineering service that has set the bar in their field.

Best Genetics / Seeds Provider of the Year

This category celebrates a Seedbank’s commitment to supplying the growing industry with the best seeds obtainable, allowing their next crop to be the best one to date!

Cannabis Product Distributor

Best Plant Propagation/Breeding

(Tissue culture, clones) The cannabis industry is always on the hunt for new reliable strains on both the medical and recreational sides. In this category we recognize the plant propagation and breeding companies for their contribution to the ever-evolving creation of new products.

Best Cannabis Cultivation Supplier/Distributor

Having all the tools you need, when you need them, is critical to cultivation. This award is presented to the best one-stop supplier for all that is cannabis.

Cannabis Cultivation Magazine of the Year

Keeping informed on the latest trends and techniques of cannabis cultivation is a must for any successful grow. This award recognizes the journalistic talents of our industry and recognizes the best printed magazine.